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Have you tried everything?
There's always a first time

Insects, those tiny companions, provide us with the best protein, sustainable and healthy. With Trillions products you can improve and strengthen your diet, delicious snacks and protein powder for your shakes or smoothies.

73% high quality protein for sustainable recovery

Low in carbohydrates and fats

65% of cricket flour is protein for your muscles

Insect farming is 20 times more efficient

Why insects?

Protein kingdom

Complete amino acid profile.
High-value protein for your body


They contain calcium and
B vitamins


Low in allergens,
lactose-free and high in fibre


1% emission reduction
of Greenhouse Gases


"Since I've incorporated Trillions into my daily routine I feel like I have so much more energy, I can do anything!"

········ Simón Carneiro

"I enjoy doing sports outdoors. Trillions allows me to give my nutrition an extra push anywhere, anytime - it's fantastic!"

········ Jesús Salvatore

"Trillions helps me to have the balance I need to achieve my goals. "

········ Aurora Martinez