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Protein bars: Optimal, fast and comfortable

It was time to count and explain why protein bars have their place.

Protein has become the most widely consumed nutritional supplement in the world. It does not matter what sport you do, since this nutrient is necessary in all aspects.

And why are they so important? Well, they are the protagonists in the formation of body tissues: muscles, tendons ...

In addition, apart from many other functions of proteins, thanks to them we can have a good immune system in our body since antibodies are defense proteins.

One of the most consumed and richest sources is protein bars.

Its composition generally comes from whey. We generally say because there are other sources, like the ones we use at Trillions, from cricket flour and pea protein..


What's in a bar?

First of all, you have to differentiate between energy bars (usually taken during exercise) and protein bars, or protein bars.


Generally, the former has an exclusive composition based on carbohydrates (CHs), while those of protein may have a small part of carbohydrates in their composition.


Proteins: generally, in the prominent brands of bars, they are around 10-20gr.


Carbohydrates: what is known as fuel. We can find bars higher in these or lower, depending on their function.


Fiber: it is in charge of suppressing the appetite and increasing that satiety. In addition, it slows down the absorption of sugars and thus prevents blood glucose peaks. Something beneficial for people with diabetes.


Fat: they store energy as CHs can do (among many other things). The problem is that many of the bars contain trans fats (the coatings of the bars) that affect the quality of the food and can even cause stomach problems.

Flavoring, coloring and flavoring: in natural products its use is cocoa, cinnamon, or natural flavorings for example. In the processed bars there is an abuse of artificial additives.


What are protein bars for?

Normally, a normal person who exercises his protein needs around 1.5 - 2.5 grams per kilo of weight / day. These data are obviously very different depending on the daily hours you train and the type of sport you do.

As we have already said above, proteins are very necessary for the recovery and repair of muscle tissue, since we are constantly improving our muscle mass.


Recovery phase

Let's first talk about recovery and the points that can help you or solve many aspects of your day-to-day life.

After physical activity, the ideal is to eat 20-30 minutes after the activity. Always valuing intensity.

For the post-exercise recovery phase, they are perfect since it avoids the famous catabolization.

The appearance of protein bars has made this recovery phase much more efficient. You do not need to get home or stop at a bar or carry the container (or tupper) on the street to nourish yourself properly.


What difference do Trillions of bars have?

  • We have made a perfect formulation para que tengan su hueco en muchos momentos de tu día a día.

  • Considering mainly that we use a sustainable protein from cricket flour, we only use natural ingredients, without added sugars and without gluten.

  • All products have 10gr of protein, which we can take before or after physical exercise and we already cover this important phase, our muscles are going to ask us for it!

  • They have natural HDCs, specifically "Fructose", the best fuel we can have to face an exercise or give us that push in the middle of training.

  • They contain healthy monounsaturated fats from almonds and seeds.

  • They also contain a good amount of fiber; they will satisfy us and give us energy in a much more sustained way.



✔️ You can have a healthy snack at any time

✔️ Great junk food substitute

✔️ They contain a high dose of protein that keeps your muscles strong

✔️ Contain sources of energy such as carbohydrates, vitamins or fats

✔️ Palm oil and lactose free

✔️ Sustainable food