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Cricket Flour: Quality Protein, Sustainable and More

For a few years, we have known alternative flours to the most widely used, such as wheat flour, such as spelled or rye. Now I ask you a question, why not have insect flour? So that you can have a more convincing answer, I leave you here a couple of arguments.





1. Cricket flour 🦗

Cricket flour is obtained from insect farming. It is obtained from several processes: its aging, dehydration, roasted and pulverized.

Many of you ask us where crickets come from, they come from specialized farms for breeding insects specially prepared and adapted for this. With many health checks.



"FAO calls cricket flour a superfood, high in quality proteins and minimal impact of resources, we will have to adapt to the new proteins"



2. Sustainable Gold Option ♻️

It is an alternative to traditional livestock because its breeding processes are much more sustainable, and with less emissions compared to traditional ones. 

You can see here the comparisons in terms of resources with traditional livestock

In addition, it has more positive things, such as that cricket droppings are an excellent organic fertilizer.

3. Preparation of cricket flour 👐

The cricket has a great advantage in its preparation compared to other insects and it is due to its low-fat content. Since we will not have to do any process to extract that fat.

The time of harvesting the crickets should be controlled, since according to their stage of life they can offer different nutritional values. The most recommended stage is the sub-adult stage, which contains around 65% protein. To make a comparison and put you in context, chicken contains 27% and veal 23%. We see that cricket is a highly protein and nutritious food.

4. Food with cricket flour 🥇

As we have already commented previously, we know and know that there are people who have a culture shock when trying them (completely understandable, it cost me the first time) we think about how to count on the high benefits that this insect has but without having that reluctance, exactly, in the form of flour.

Many products can be produced with flour, bread, cereals, pasta, bars, sport supplements eamong others.

What nutritional properties does it have?

There are many advantages of cricket flour compared to other flours:

  • First of all, it has essential minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus. It also contains vitamins such as B2, B12 and folic acid. This aspect allows the manufacture of foods that can be used to supplement diets poor in some of these nutrients or products that would be intended for people who need a vitamin supplement. For example, with cricket flour you can make pastries with a high iron content, which will help children to obtain enough of this nutrient for their development.

  • One of the most remarkable aspects of this flour is its high content of entomoproteins. We call entomoproteins those proteins that come from insects. If we focus on flours, 100 g of cricket flour contains approximately 67-75 g of protein, 11.4 g of sugar-free carbohydrates and a higher energy intake compared to other flours. Below is a comparison of the nutritional content of a traditional wheat flour and a cricket flour (the percentages indicate the recommended daily intake):

  • In view of these protein contents, this flour can be used to achieve a greater muscle gain, for which a high protein intake is required. For this reason, a diet containing cricket flour would be ideal for an athlete who is in the phase of increasing energy and burning fat.

  • TheThe low carbohydrate content of cricket flour would also be a benefit in this case. On the other hand, the high protein content, rich in essential amino acids, would improve the health of anyone who incorporates it into their diet. Due to its high content of fatty acids, cricket flour can be recommended in diets poor in fish, which are the main source of fatty acids for humans, in those cases in which it is difficult to get fish or for people to whom that they do not like the flavor of the fish.

  • One of the reasons why it is known that a diet must be balanced and varied is because the body needs for its proper functioning to be able to absorb the amino acids called essential amino acids from the nutrients. They are so named because they are essential for the body, but it is not capable of synthesizing them by itself, so we need the food we eat to have each and every one of these essential amino acids. This task is much easier consuming cricket flour, because in this flour we can find the 9 essential amino acids for the body, a characteristic that we cannot find in any other food.

  • Another benefit of including cricket flour in the diet is the improvement of memory, increased energy and a better functioning of the nervous system, thanks to the high level of vitamin B12 that cricket flour presents.

I think that with these arguments it has become quite clear that being an athlete or not, we have many benefits that we could take advantage of. Now that everything is clearer, you are ready to try our products


Food and Agriculture Organization of te United Nations