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Protein and Sport

Probably, if you are a lover of sports and the gym, you have ever been interested in the effect that proteins have in order to improve your muscle tone.

Obviously, as we have already commented in other articles related to proteins and their application in sport, there is a close relationship between these macromolecules and the manufacture and regeneration of tissues. In any case, we are going to dedicate this article entirely to talking about how they will influence when it comes to achieving your physical goals. 

How much protein do those who play sports regularly need each day?

It is obvious that, if you usually do sports or gym several times a week and do intense training sessions with the purpose of increasing the size of your muscles, you are going to need a greater amount of protein than another subject who comes with the purpose of improving their resistance based on aerobic exercise or, simply, that those who follow a sedentary life. In this sense, the World Health Organization recommends taking 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of lean weight (discounting the percentage of fat from the total), a really low figure in most cases.

So much so that, in general, a bodybuilder has to take between 1.8 and 2.5 grams per kilo of lean weight each day. This, in a subject weighing, for example, 80 kg, translates into about 200 grams of protein per day.


Although the volume that we indicate may seem somewhat high at first, think that, if your body needs and is capable of synthesizing such a quantity of proteins, you will not be exposed to any risk. In addition, although the nutritional value of each gram of protein is 4 calories, if your body does not need to use them for energy, which only happens in exceptional cases, they will not cause you to gain weight.

When and how should you consume the proteins you need?

    After training is finished, proteins are much more appropriate. In general, the purpose of these is to provide the body with the substances it needs to proceed to repair damaged tissues during training and, incidentally, to create new fibers to achieve greater volume and better muscle tone. And what better than with some sports supplements with insect protein.

    Are proteins used to reduce the volume of body fat?

    The answer to this question is a resounding yes. In fact, consuming more protein, whether through diet or sports supplements, is highly recommended for all those who are trying to lose those extra pounds. And, among many other things, they have proven to be excellent regulators of appetite levels.

    Think, in this regard, that when you reduce the number of calories you consume, your body tends to replace the lack of carbohydrates and fats with proteins. Therefore, the muscle mass is resentful, something that causes that, even if you lose weight, this is not a real or effective loss. In this sense, the consumption of protein supplements helps to preserve this muscle mass and forces the body to focus on burning lipids and sugars, which are the main sources of energy available.  

    Main advantages of consuming protein supplements to train in the gym.

    Including protein-laden foods in your diet is ideal for you if you are intensely training your muscles in the gym. However, you should know the main benefits that protein bars provide us:

    Ease of consumption, Contribution of Essential Amino Acids, Helps to complement the daily protein requirements, economical, flavors, texture, dissolution...  


    In conclusion, if you practice sports with the purpose of growing your muscles and showing a more toned, strong and healthy body, you must take special care of the protein consumption from your diet and provide your body with the amount it needs so that it can create and regenerate tissues. In this sense, due to the quality of the supplements that exist today, they are a really interesting and healthy option that will allow you to achieve your goals more quickly and effectively. Therefore, if you are taking it seriously, control your intakes. It is more than possible that your body ends up thanking you.