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Why insect protein?

The Buffalo worm convinces with its high content of natural protein (62%), healthy fibre and high levels of vitamins and minerals. At the same time, insects are the most sustainable source of animal protein our planet has to offer. They require only a fraction of the resources (water, land and feed) of other farm animals.

By using insect proteins, our products provide a high biological value, a better tolerance than e.g. whey protein and have a very small ecological footprint. You can find more detailed information here (link to why insects page).


What does insect protein taste like?

Pure insect food has a slightly nutty taste. However, Trillions protein powder doesn't taste "buggy" at all, don't worry! Instead, it tastes like vanilla or cocoa. Less sweet than many competing products, natural and delicious. You can use it like any other protein powder: mixed with water or vegetable milk or as an additional source of protein when baking.


Where do the insects come from?

The Buffalo worms used come from a farm in the Netherlands, which guarantees short transport routes and maximum transparency. In the Netherlands, the insects for human consumption have been reared for more than 10 years under the highest quality and hygiene standards: 100% clean. No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives are used during breeding and processing. Buffalo worms love darkness, cramped conditions and warmth; therefore, the conditions on the farm are in line with the insects' natural living conditions.


Can I be allergic to insects?

If you are allergic to shellfish and crustaceans (e.g. shrimps) or dust mites, you could in theory be allergic to insects. However, we are not aware of any case in which an allergy to dust mites has caused an allergic reaction to insects.


Why is Trillions protein powder so well tolerated?

The flour of our Buffalo worms is natural. This means that we do not isolate the protein because we want to preserve the extremely high levels of vitamins, minerals and fibre, which would be lost when isolating. Tolerance would also suffer.

However, the 15% insect protein not only plays a decisive role for the micronutrients in the protein powder: it is also sufficient to balance the amino acid structure of the vegetable protein sources contained in the powder, taking this and thus the value of the protein for your body to a new level, without any loss of tolerance.


Why is Trillions protein powder so well tolerated?

All our products are lactose-free. In addition, they contain a high amount of fibre which keeps your intestines healthy, keeps you fuller for longer and aids digestion. Unlike highly processed milk proteins, lactose is completely unprocessed and contains not only protein, but also important trace elements, minerals and vitamins. In addition, it has a high biological value, which means that these nutrients are available to your body.


Why are Trillions products worth your money?

We are often asked about the prices of our products. We admit it: we can't compete on price with many competing products, but we don't want to. Because we don't: From the day we were founded, it has been clear to us that we will not compromise on the quality and naturalness of our ingredients.

We work with genuine in-house developments rather than standard recipes.  


What do you spend 1% of your profits on?

1% of our profits go to social work for the good of our planet, we plant trees to repopulate the Spanish mountains, reducing the CO2 footprint and contributing value to society, this is our thinking from day one.


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