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Thunder Pre-Workout 500g (Watermelon Flavor)


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Thunder Pre-Workout it is a supplement pre-workout created in order to give you that activation to do your training. This supplement is 100% safe, effective and recommended, to start the training routine with that plus energy and vitality necessary to increase your physical endurance.

Has been formulated with a unique combination of ingredients that will make us get a activation both physically and mentally.

Provides a Complete formula, carefully made to achieve that goal you set for yourself.


  • Contains Betaine which contributes to the normal metabolism of cystine. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 1.5 g of betaine.
  • Contains L-Citrulline-DL-Malate. It is a promoter of nitric oxide, favors vasodilation, helping to transport energy.
  • Contains Beta-Alanine. It favors the balance in the cell. Increases performance and reduces fatigue.
  • Contains L-Arginine. It has an essential role in a multitude of functions, among them it is a vasodilator and a precursor of nitric oxide, it favors the production of lymphocytes and increases performance.
  • Contains Glycerol monostearate. It can contribute to a good cellular hydration, it favors to delay the fatigue.
  • Contains Rhodiola Rosea dry extract. It helps the body to adapt to emotional stress, physical effort, helps us to stimulate the nervous system and has beneficial effects on fatigue and stress. Rhodiola Rosea contributes to normal blood circulation contributing to optimal cognitive mental activity. In addition, it can help reduce fatigue caused by stress and associated with excessive mental work.
  • Contains Choline Bitartrate. Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism and helps maintain optimal liver function.
  • Contains Caffeine. Contributes to the mobilization of fat reserves. In addition, it contributes to the oxidation of stored fats. Caffeine contributes to mental performance as well as helps maintain and improve alertness. It helps us improve physical performance, it also favors thermogenesis and energy oxidation.
  • Contains L-Theanine. It has a synergistic effect with caffeine. Helps the state of relaxation without reducing alertness.



Ingredients: L-citrulline-DL-malate, L-arginine, beta alanine, maltodextrin, betaine HCl, glycerol monostearate, bisodium phosphate, acidity regulator: citric acid (E-330), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide (E-551), taurine, L-tyrosine, aroma, magnesium bisglycinate, anhydrous caffeine, dry extract of Green tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze., leaves) valued for theanine, choline bitartrate, dry extract of Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola rosea L., root), sweetener: sucralose (E-955) and coloring: beet red (E-162).

Nutritional information / Supplement facts

Amount per shot: 25 g

Nutrients per recommended daily dose | Nutrients recommended for daily consumption


Ingredients 25 gr (2 saucepans and a half)
4 g
L-Arginine 4 g
Beta Alanine 2.5 g
Betaine HCl 2 g
Glycerol monostearate 2 g
Taurine 1 g
L-Tyrosine 1 g
Anhydrous caffeine 300 mg
Choline Bitartrate 200 mg
Rhodiola Rosea dry extract 200 mg
L-theanine 100 mg
Sodium 244 mg
Magnesium 100 mg
  • Dissolve 25 g (2 and a half scoops) in water or juice (250 ml). Take 1 time a day, 1 hour before training.

Thunder Pre-Workout 500g (Watermelon Flavor)